Salt Supplier Bulk Bagged Supersack in New Orleans

For sale or lease, the conveyor unit is used for the loading / unloading of materials such as sand, rock, coal ballast, rock salt, soda ash and lime.


Salacia Logistics LLC is a logistics solution leader with a focus on the transport, storage, processing and packaging of dry bulk materials. We have expertise in ocean, river, road, and rail transport for any logistics needs and any types of material.

Salacia Holdings LLC is a supplier of a high quality salt product to the United States. Salacia's salt is used for de-icing, water treatment application, energy field and agro market. The product can be purchased in small bags, supersacks and in bulk quantities.

Salacia provides salt from Brazil and Europe of the highest quality for the major industries. 

​​Salacia Logistics LLC & Holdings located in New Orleans


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Salacia continues to emphasize quality customer service in the growing demands for reliable barge transportation. ​

Everything from single shipments to turnkey projects that include barging to over the road hauling.

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